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Designer Spotlight

Welcome to the Designer Spotlight of the Month, where we shine a light on the exceptional talent and creativity on three exceptional talents within the interior architecture, design, and decoration industry.

Each month, we proudly showcase a trio of outstanding professionals who have distinguished themselves through innovative design, exemplary projects, and significant contributions to the field. This segment is dedicated to celebrating the diverse expertise and unique perspectives of our industry’s finest, offering insight into their design philosophies, career journeys, and the impact they have on spaces and communities.

Join us as we delve into the stories of these remarkable individuals, uncovering the inspiration and dedication behind their success.

This Month's Featured Designers

Grace is a graduate of the prestigious Inchbald School of Design in the United Kingdom; the first interior design school in London. She is the head designer at Lily Grace Interiors a boutique design studio based in Accra Ghana.

She has over thirty years of international experience in building, construction and landscape design.

Her core competencies are in creative solutions for indoor-outdoor living for residential and commercial spaces and personalisation of design styles.

She is a great advocate for the younger generation.

Her Motto: “It’s not about what’s in it for me but how I can add value” 

Grace Krobo-Edusei is a dynamic force in the fields of personal growth and brain health. She is a certified coach, speaker, and trainer with the prestigious John Maxwell Team, renowned for its global leadership in coaching and training development. With her expertise as a Neurorecording Specialist and Brain Health Coach, Grace is dedicated to empowering individuals to enhance their brain health and overall well-being.

Sonia Cipriani is a distinguished product designer and the visionary founder of Studio 64 Design Studio. Sonia leads a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to delivering innovative and meticulously crafted design solutions. Her expertise ensures the timely execution and delivery of even the most complex projects, setting a high standard within the industry.

At Studio 64, Sonia emphasizes the use of advanced 3D modeling techniques, which play a crucial role in the design development process. This approach not only allows for comprehensive visualization of the final product at various stages but also offers a unique opportunity to test market new products through advertising and media channels before production. This innovative method has positioned Studio 64 at the forefront of product design, enabling clients to refine and perfect their offerings with confidence.

Sonia’s leadership and commitment to excellence have earned Studio 64 a reputation for reliability and creativity in the product design sector. Her ability to blend technical precision with creative vision makes her a respected and influential figure in the industry.

Margaret Morzadec is a French-trained interior designer and the creative force behind Nicobs Consult, a premier design consultancy specializing in office and home styling. With a rich background in European design principles, Margaret brings a refined aesthetic and a meticulous approach to every project she undertakes.

Margaret is passionate about translating her visionary concepts into reality. She understands that many clients struggle to visualize the end result of a design project, and she excels in using a variety of visual aids to bridge this gap. Through detailed sketches, 3D renderings, and mood boards, she effectively communicates her ideas, ensuring that clients can see and share in her vision.

At Nicobs Consult, Margaret and her team are not just focused on creating beautiful spaces; they are dedicated to helping clients define and enhance their lifestyle through thoughtful design. Her approach is holistic, considering every aspect of how a space will be used and experienced. This commitment to understanding and enhancing the client’s lifestyle sets her apart in the field of interior design.

Margaret’s expertise and creative flair have made her a sought-after designer for both residential and commercial projects. Her work is characterized by a blend of classic elegance and contemporary functionality, tailored to meet the unique needs and tastes of each client.

Past Spotlights Archive

Explore the exceptional talents featured in our “Designer Spotlight of the Month” archives. Within these, you’ll discover a curated collection of distinguished professionals who have been celebrated for their innovative and distinctive contributions to interior architecture, design, and decoration.

Whether your goal is to find inspiration, network with top-tier industry professionals, or simply explore the myriad design orientations that have been spotlighted, our archive is a testament to exceptional artistry and innovation.

Venture into our past spotlights to celebrate and learn from the illustrious figures who have shaped the industry.

Nomination & Submission

Are you or someone you know pushing the boundaries of interior architecture/design and decoration? IDDG’s “Designer Spotlight of the Month” is an opportunity to showcase the exceptional talent within our community.

We’re looking for individuals who innovate, inspire, and create spaces that tell a story. Whether you’re an established designer or a rising star in the industry, we invite you to step into the spotlight or nominate a peer whose work deserves recognition.

Participating in the Spotlight

  • Self-Nomination: Designers who wish to showcase their work can submit their portfolio and a brief statement about their design philosophy and achievements.
  • Peer Nomination: If you know a designer whose work stands out, we encourage you to nominate them. Please provide their contact information and a brief explanation of why they should be featured.

Submission Guidelines

  • Submit a portfolio showcasing recent projects, emphasizing creativity, functionality, and innovation.
  • Include a professional biography highlighting your background, notable projects, and design philosophy.
  • Provide contact information for further communication and verification.

Ready to shine or elevate someone who deserves recognition? Click below to submit your nomination or application to be featured in our next “Designer Spotlight of the Month.”