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Designer Spotlight

Senanu Arkutu

Interior Stylist

Senanu Arkutu is the visionary founder and CEO of DAAR Living, an acclaimed interior styling firm based in Accra, Ghana. With a deep commitment to celebrating African heritage, Senanu has adeptly blended traditional and modern design elements to create unique and culturally rich interior spaces. Under her leadership, DAAR Living has emerged as a beacon of innovation in the African home décor landscape, reflecting the diverse tapestry of African craftsmanship. Her educational background in design and extensive travels have profoundly influenced her aesthetic and professional ethos. Senanu’s adaptability and forward-thinking approach have guided DAAR Living’s evolution from primarily a retail business to an integrated model offering both retail and interior design services.

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Senanu Arkutu’s design philosophy is anchored in the belief that every design piece should tell a story. Her approach is characterized by eclecticism, cultural identity, and sustainability. She emphasizes the importance of integrating African elements into interior spaces, whether through textiles, basketry, or other natural materials. Senanu’s work often features a balance of modern and traditional styles, creating spaces that are both visually stunning and deeply personal.

Awards and Recognitions

Senanu Arkutu has received notable recognition for her contributions to the design industry. Her work with DAAR Living has been highlighted in various design platforms, celebrating her innovative approach to incorporating African heritage into modern design. Additionally, her collaborations, such as the partnership with Christie Brown for the official launch of DAAR Living, have been celebrated for their creativity and impact on promoting African design and craftsmanship​

Testimonials or Endorsements

Clients and industry peers praise Senanu for her ability to create spaces that are both aesthetically pleasing and culturally resonant. Her unique approach to integrating African elements into contemporary interiors has earned her a loyal client base and widespread acclaim. Senanu’s dedication to promoting African craftsmanship and her skillful blend of traditional and modern design elements have made DAAR Living a standout in the interior design industry