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Designer Spotlight

Aina Aidoo

Interior Designer

Aina Aidoo is the accomplished CEO of Boutique Interiors, an influential interior design firm based in Accra, Ghana, renowned for its bespoke and innovative design solutions. Aina’s expertise lies in her ability to transform commercial spaces into stunning, functional environments that reflect the essence of each brand she works with. Her remarkable design of Sharon’s Boutique stands as a testament to her skill in creating visually appealing and operationally efficient interiors.

Beyond her success in interior design, Aina is also the co-founder of Cup Cake Boutique, a beloved local bakery known for its delightful array of sweets and artfully designed space. Her entrepreneurial spirit and creative vision are evident in every facet of her businesses, making her a prominent figure in Ghana’s design and culinary scenes.

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Aina Aidoo’s design philosophy is anchored in the principle that every space should tell a story and resonate deeply with its users. She focuses on customization and functionality, ensuring that each project is tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of her clients. Her approach combines aesthetic appeal with practical solutions, creating environments that are both beautiful and functional.

Awards and Recognitions

Aina Aidoo has been recognized for her contributions to the design industry by highlighting her impact and leadership in interior design, showcasing her innovative approach and commitment to excellence.

Testimonials or Endorsements

Clients and industry peers frequently praise Aina for her exceptional ability to blend aesthetics with functionality. Her innovative designs and attention to detail have earned her a loyal client base and widespread acclaim within the design community. The successful creation of the Cup Cake Boutique and Boutique Interiors are often cited as examples of her remarkable talent and vision.