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Designer Spotlight

Nina Barnieh-Blair

Interior Designer | PR consulting

Nina Barnieh-Blair is a Ghana-born, London-raised, and New York-based Principal and Creative Director of NinaBDesign. With a background in PR consulting for leading lifestyle and interiors brands in London, Nina transitioned into interior design after receiving her degree from Parsons the New School for Design.

Her designs, which have been featured in prestigious publications such as Architectural Digest and NY Magazine, reflect her unique blend of cultural influences and modern elegance. Nina currently resides in Manhattan with her husband and two children.

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Nina Barnieh-Blair’s design philosophy is rooted in the belief that interiors should not only be aesthetically pleasing but also deeply meaningful and functional for the people who inhabit them. She approaches each project with a keen understanding of her clients’ personalities and aspirations, aiming to create spaces that tell their stories authentically.

Nina’s designs prioritize thoughtful space planning, a rich mix of colors and textures, and a playful yet functional approach to furniture and decor. She sees design as a form of storytelling, where every element within a space contributes to the narrative of its inhabitants.

Ultimately, Nina strives to craft interiors that elevate the human experience, fostering joy, comfort, and connection within the built environment.

Awards and Recognitions

  1. Featured in Architectural Digest: Nina’s distinctive designs have been showcased in Architectural Digest, a leading publication renowned for highlighting exceptional architecture and interior design projects worldwide.

  2. Recognized by NY Magazine: Her work has been acknowledged and celebrated by NY Magazine, a prominent publication known for its coverage of New York City’s cultural landscape, including design and architecture.

  3. Clever Magazine Feature: Nina’s unique design perspective has been featured in Clever, a publication dedicated to exploring the intersection of design, culture, and lifestyle, highlighting her innovative approach and creative vision.

  4. Business of Home Recognition: Nina’s contributions to the interior design industry have been recognized by Business of Home, a trusted source for news, analysis, and insights on the business side of the design world.

  5. Featured on Open House: Nina’s design projects have been showcased on Open House, a television show that provides viewers with an inside look into exceptional homes and design trends, further solidifying her reputation as a leading figure in the industry.



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