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About Us

IDDG is the only leading professional body for interior design and interior decoration in Ghana.

The Association represents industry players in the hospitality, commercial and residential sectors, as well as product design and manufacturing.

100 Days ExCo Report

At IDDG, we believe that creativity is more than just an element of design—it’s the pulse that drives the entire interior architecture/design and decoration industry.

Our core philosophy is built on a foundation that celebrates and nurtures innovative thinking, originality, and the transformative ability to turn ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences.

At IDDG, professionalism stands as a foundational pillar, integral to every facet of our operations, design processes, and interactions.

We uphold a steadfast commitment to excellence, setting and adhering to the highest standards in the interior architecture/design and decoration industry.

At IDDG, we hold collaboration as a cornerstone of our ethos, firmly believing that the most remarkable outcomes are birthed from the synergy of collective endeavor.

Our organizational culture is steeped in the principle of collaborative engagement, where members, partners, and the broader design community come together to share, innovate, and co-create.


How it all Started

The Interior Designers & Decorators Ghana (IDDG) previously known as the Interior Designers & Decorators Association (IDDA) was founded and incorporated in 1990 with the primary purpose of creating a professional community for interior designers and decorators in Ghana.

The IDDA however went through an inactive period. After several stakeholder engagements led by Madame Delilah Mercer, the association was officially registered as the IDDG on June 28, 2018, where it has since expanded to other disciplines within the interior architecture and design industry and has grown its memberships significantly.

The association has had three (3) governance administrations: 2018-2020, 2020-2022, and the current administration 2023 – 2025.