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Ella Bulley

Residential/Commercial Realtor, Interior Designer, Hospitality Consultant

Nana Amu is a Ghanaian global nomad with an eclectic blend of cultural and creative influences. Growing up as the child of a diplomat, she traversed various countries around the world, immersing herself in a rich tapestry of cultures and diverse art forms. With formative years spent in Australia, Italy, and the UK, Nana developed a profound passion for art and creativity.

After 18 years of teaching at the Ghana International School, where she imparted knowledge across a spectrum of subjects ranging from English and Mathematics to Art, Nana transitioned into the realm of PR, serving as the PR Lead for an international marketing company. Eventually, she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, founding Signature Properties in Accra, Greater Accra Region, Ghana.

At Signature Properties, Nana Amu offers a bespoke rental and sales service for residential and commercial properties in prime areas of the Accra metropolis. Collaborating with a network of professional agents, she extends her services to include unique lifestyle offerings such as interior design and artwork, including murals and paintings.

Drawing inspiration from nature, balance, and simplicity, Nana infuses her designs with vibrant colors, patterns, and textures, reflecting the richness of Ghanaian pageantry and West African fabrics. She prioritizes the use of locally sourced materials and engages local craftsmen to create spaces that exude functionality, aesthetics, and attention to detail.

Additionally, Nana delves into short-term rental business, hosting and guiding guests from around the world. Informed by her extensive travels and diplomatic upbringing, she has a keen understanding of guests’ needs and preferences, ensuring they feel safe, comfortable, and immersed in a unique cultural experience during their stay in Ghana.

Nana Amu’s dedication to design excellence and hospitality has earned her acclaim from guests worldwide, who praise her for creating havens of serenity and comfort amidst the bustling heart of Accra. With a kind soul and an eye for detail, Nana embodies the essence of hospitality and creativity, leaving an indelible impression on all who cross her path.

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Nana Amu’s philosophy is rooted in her deep appreciation for nature, balance, and harmony. She believes in the transformative power of design to evoke emotion, mood, and a sense of connection with one’s surroundings. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant colors, patterns, and textures of Ghanaian and West African fabrics, Nana seeks to create spaces that reflect the richness of cultural heritage while embracing functional design principles and attention to detail.

Central to her philosophy is the belief in using locally sourced materials and engaging local craftsmen to bring her designs to life. By incorporating elements of nature and embracing the indoor/outdoor aesthetic, Nana aims to foster a sense of tranquility and serenity within her spaces. Her design ethos revolves around creating environments that are not only visually stunning but also deeply resonant with the needs and preferences of her clients and guests.

Moreover, Nana’s philosophy extends beyond design to encompass hospitality and cultural exchange. She views her role as a host and designer as an opportunity to welcome guests from around the world into a unique experience that celebrates the beauty of Ghanaian culture and craftsmanship. With kindness, empathy, and a commitment to excellence, Nana endeavors to create havens of comfort and inspiration that leave a lasting impression on all who encounter her work.

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Airbnb Africa Host Design Stay Spotlight Winner
Recognising Hosts who offer stand out homes with iconic architecture and interiors 

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