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Designer Spotlight

Tola Ojuolape

Interior Designer

Tola Ojuolape is a dynamic designer and creative force behind Tola Ojuolape Studio, renowned for her multidisciplinary approach and dedication to creating impactful designs globally. With a background steeped in materiality and aesthetics, Tola’s studio is driven by the pursuit of beauty, quality, and balance in every project undertaken. Shortlisted as an ‘Emerging Interior Designer’ by Dezeen in ’23, Tola also serves as a Trustee at the Gordon Russell Design Museum.

Throughout her career, Tola has collaborated with an array of brands across diverse sectors, including hospitality, F&B, residential, luxury lifestyle, and startups. From conceptualization to execution, her projects span the globe, reflecting her keen eye for detail and passion for delivering memorable experiences.

Beyond her design work, Tola’s affinity for the arts and her deep-rooted connection to the African continent have led her to curate installations in the contemporary art space, both in the UK and internationally.

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At Tola Ojuolape Studio, we believe in the power of design to shape experiences and enrich lives. Our philosophy revolves around the principles of beauty, quality, and balance, infused with a profound respect for craftsmanship and materiality. With each project, we aim to create forms that resonate with comfort, celebration, and meticulous craftsmanship.

Driven by rigor and integrity, whether crafting homes, hotels, objects, or textiles, we uphold a commitment to infusing beauty, quality, and balance into every aspect of our work. Our approach is rooted in value-driven design, centered on human experiences and fostering enduring relationships.

Our comprehensive suite of services, ranging from creative direction and interior architecture to concept development and furniture design, reflects our holistic approach to design. Through collaboration, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, we endeavor to create spaces and experiences that leave a lasting impression and elevate the human spirit.

Awards and Recognitions

  1. Shortlisted as ‘Emerging Interior Designer’ by Dezeen in ’23: Tola’s innovative approach and exceptional talent have been acknowledged by one of the leading design platforms, earning her a coveted spot among emerging interior designers.

  2. Trustee at the Gordon Russell Design Museum: Tola’s commitment to preserving design heritage and contributing to the design community has been recognized through her role as a trustee at the esteemed Gordon Russell Design Museum.

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