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The Africa Center

Project Name

The Africa Center


Tola Ojuolape




The Africa Centre’s new headquarters in Southwark, London, serves as a vibrant hub for celebrating African culture and fostering dialogue within its diaspora. Led by Freehaus Design in collaboration with interior designer Tola Ojuolape and brand designer Mam’gobozi Design Factory, the refurbishment of the 1960s office block embraces optimism, sustainability, and cultural exchange. The six-story building houses various spaces, including the pan-African restaurant Tatale, a bar lounge, and an art gallery, providing a physical home for the centre’s diverse activities and events.

Design Philosophy

The design philosophy of the Africa Centre project is rooted in celebrating shared design traditions across Africa and its diaspora while promoting sustainability and inclusivity. The interior spaces feature warm earth tones, tactile surfaces, and expressive architectural elements that pay homage to African heritage and craftsmanship. From hand-applied wall finishes showcasing the maker’s mark to nods to dye-making heritage and Islamic architecture, every detail reflects a narrative of cultural richness and connectivity.

The project aims to create an “embassy of optimism” by uplifting diverse voices and fostering a vibrant atmosphere of cultural exchange and creativity.

Why It's Trending

  1. Cultural Celebration: With its focus on celebrating African culture and heritage, the project resonates with a global audience interested in diverse cultural experiences and expressions.

  2. Design Innovation: The project’s innovative design approach, which combines modern aesthetics with traditional craftsmanship and sustainable practices, has garnered attention from design enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

  3. Community Engagement: By providing a physical space for cultural events, conferences, and exhibitions, the Africa Centre project actively engages with the local community and promotes dialogue, collaboration, and inclusivity.

  4. Historical Significance: As the new headquarters of a long-standing institution with a rich history dating back to the 1960s, the Africa Centre project represents a continuation of its legacy and a reinvigoration of its mission for a new generation.

Overall, the Africa Centre project represents a vibrant and dynamic space that celebrates African culture, fosters dialogue, and promotes creativity, making it a trending destination for cultural enthusiasts and design aficionados alike.