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Google Office in Accra

Project Name

Google Office in Accra


KH3 Group




The Google Accra office, conceived and brought to life by the esteemed South African architectural firm Boogertman + Partners Interiors (B+Pi), serves as a pioneering Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Centre in Africa.

Situated in the vibrant city of Accra, Ghana, this cutting-edge facility is poised to spearhead the advancement of machine learning technology while tackling region-specific issues spanning agriculture, healthcare, education, and beyond. Embodying Google’s unwavering dedication to cultivating dynamic workspaces that ignite creativity, collaboration, and a sense of community, the design of this facility sets a new standard for innovation and excellence in the field.

Design Philosophy

The design philosophy of the Google Accra office project revolves around creating a space that articulates Google’s culture while celebrating its unique location in Accra, Ghana.

The interior design focused on integrating local elements of Ghanaian culture, such as vibrant colors, textures, and patterns, into the built environment to evoke a warm, inviting, and sophisticated atmosphere.

The design aims to establish an emotional connection between the space and its occupants, fostering a sense of belonging and encouraging interaction and collaboration.

Why It's Trending

  1. Cultural Integration: The project’s emphasis on integrating Ghanaian culture into the office design resonates with a global trend towards cultural authenticity and diversity in workspace environments.

  2. Innovation and Collaboration: As Google’s first AI Research Centre on African soil, the project represents a significant investment in innovation and collaboration, attracting attention from technology enthusiasts, researchers, and policymakers.

  3. Sustainability: The Google Accra office project’s commitment to achieving LEED v4 Gold certification highlights Google’s dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility, setting a new standard for office fit-outs in the region.

  4. Flexible and Healthy Work Environment: The design prioritizes flexibility, productivity, and employee well-being, reflecting Google’s focus on creating healthy and dynamic work environments that support creativity and innovation.