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Roselyn Osae

"Designing with accessibility at the forefront, this scholarship is the key that unlocks my potential to create inclusive environments."

Moses Awunor

"Transforming cities one community at a time, this scholarship lays the bricks of my journey to rejuvenate urban landscapes with heart."

Ayamba Hamidu

"This scholarship fuels my drive to design homes that harmonize with nature."

Enoch Afram

"Growing vertical oases in concrete jungles, this scholarship sows the seeds of my green revolution."

Amanortey Cyril Tettey

"Animating spaces with interactive art, this scholarship is the canvas for my creativity."

Prince Glover

"Tuning spaces with design, this scholarship amplifies my journey."

Rafia Mohammed

"Preserving stories through design, this scholarship enables me to honor the past while crafting the future."

Enoch Eyison

"With this scholarship, I'm painting a future where every color choice is deliberate and impactful."

Gloria Otema Bosompem

"This scholarship is my time machine, allowing me to honor history in design while looking forward."

Sylvester K. Kudawoo

"This scholarship lights up my path to explore how lighting can transform perceptions and environments."

Freda Ofosu

"With this scholarship, I'm setting the stage for hotel designs that tell a story and invite adventure."

Rita Owusu

"This scholarship plants the seeds for my vision of sustainable and vibrant urban green spaces."