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Eyetsa Lorraine Ocloo

Meet Ms. Eyetsa Lorraine Ocloo, an accomplished and imaginative interior designer, bringing over 15 years of expertise spanning commercial and residential projects. As the visionary owner of Eyetsa Creations Ltd, a widely recognized interior design firm, she has garnered applause for her contribution to numerous prestigious projects.

With a background in History and African studies, Ms. Ocloo seamlessly integrates her academic passions into the realms of Decoration and Art, evident not only in her professional endeavors but also in her daily life.

Her unique perspective and bold artistic expressions distinguish her approach to interior design.

In addition to her role at Eyetsa Creations Ltd, Ms. Ocloo is the proud owner of ‘The Shop Accra,’ a lifestyle store and brand. This curated space showcases a collection of African Art and Beauty, embodying her commitment to promoting and celebrating the rich artistic heritage of the continent. Ms. Ocloo’s multifaceted contributions make her a notable figure within the IDDG community, inspiring and influencing the landscape of interior design in Ghana.


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