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Designer Spotlight

Natalie Anderson

Interior Designer

Meet Natalie Anderson, the visionary behind Design Express Ghana Ltd, and one of the trailblazers in Accra’s interior design scene. With a focus predominantly on corporate clients and showrooms, Natalie has carved a niche in transforming office spaces and commercial environments into innovative and dynamic areas. Her recent foray into the hospitality sector, marked by a notable project at Accra Mall’s lounge bar, underscores her versatility and growing influence in the design landscape.

Launching her company just four years ago, Natalie’s portfolio boasts collaborations with prestigious clients like Vodafone Ghana, Alcatel Lucent, Nokia, Siemens Networks, and Ghana Commercial Bank. Her entrepreneurial journey and design expertise make her a standout figure in the industry, inspiring both peers and aspiring designers.

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Natalie Anderson’s design philosophy hinges on the power of transformation and subtlety in commercial spaces. She believes that interior design goes beyond aesthetic appeal; it’s about creating environments that influence well-being, mood, and interaction.

With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to authenticity, Natalie infuses each project with a unique ‘Design Express’ signature, blending cultural elements and storytelling to craft spaces that resonate with both clients and their audiences. Her approach is a testament to her belief in design’s impact, advocating for a balanced integration of creativity within the professional context to foster environments that are both innovative and reflective of the client’s brand.

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